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The trend for Granny Flats is growing in Perth

More and more people in Perth and Fremantle, and the metropoliton area in general, are looking into and building a Granny Flat (or home extension) than ever before. Changes in the law mean you can now build a granny flat on almost any residential block in Perth and rent it out to anybody.

Now, since every home and back yard are not alike, it stands to reason that there's never just one right choice for everyone. That's why we seize upon every opportunity we can create to help you personalize your Granny Flat or Home Extension. From varieties in architectural designs and options to choices in building materials and finishes, you'll see we offer an impressive variety of styles, materials, and combinations—that all allow you to work comfortably within your budget, and most importantly blend your new Home Extension or Granny Flat into its surroundings.

Because we are a comprehensive design and building company in Perth, we offer the following services.

  full design and drafting services

  individual character design to your needs and taste

  arrange council certifications and approvals

  we work to your budget, specification and time frame
 - around 2.5 months

 one, two and even three bedrooms designs

 large choice of materials: brick and plaster, limestone and recycled bricks, on stilts, frames wall - steel or timber, choice of cladding

"Call Andrew any time, he is happy to have a chat about your plans and ideas".

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